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SkiPals is a new site which will let you search and find ski or board partners to spread the costs and the fun of your winter sports holidays.

It also lets you advertise and rent out that spare room in your chalet, or sell a last minute cancellation in your group.

On SkiPals you can find new ski friends and team up for winter sports fun. Perhaps you have just had reached a level you are happy at and would like a same-level skier to explore the slopes with? SkiPals can help. We give like-minded solo skiers the opportunity to make contact, double up and take advantage of last-minute holiday offers together.

Now it will be you and your SkiPal, not the holiday company, who are in control. With SkiPals you can book flights that suit your timetable and enjoy cheaper transfers with car and taxi hire. You can find a weekend share, dig out a couple of skiing days midweek or hook up together for an entire season.

You can put an end to those outrageous hotel single supplements by finding someone to share with . . . SkiPals enables you to build your very own ski show. No longer do non-ski partners have to be dragged to the top of an icy mountain to indulge the winter sports needs of their nearest and dearest. SkiPals advantages and benefits are endless. For solo skiers, it's all downhill from here!

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